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It is about the complete and original version of the exhibition "The Manhattan Darkroom" which was presented at the Palais d´Iéna in Paris on nearly 6500 sq ft (600 m2)of the famous Hypostyle room of Auguste Perret.

This retrospective traces an eventful and creative history of America. We are witnessing the decline of the Miami bourgeoisie, the birth of the Bronx clans. Marilyn Monroe gives way to Jane Fonda.

The Minimal Art and the Pop Art of the young unknown Andy Warhol sweep the European codes of creation. The United States asserts itself with the arrival of a new political class that will be tormented until the death of JFK.

The Manhattan Darkroom is more than just a photographic exhibition, it is a memorial to modern America.

With over 240 photographs and documents, the Manhattan Darkroom is one of the most prestigious collection containing unpublished works of Henri Dauman photographer.


This exhibition can be reduced and adapted as needed.

It includes a minimum of 180 to 200 artworks and a maximum of 260 artworks (+ vintage documents).

The room must be a minimum of 1300 sq ft (120 m2) and a maximum of 5000 sq ft (400 m2).

The exhibition linear is at least 300 ft (90 m).


10 photo crates.

Over 50 large and very large format photographs.

Vintage documents available.

Documents for touch screens available.

Thematic videos available.

Room texts: available FR / ENG

Biographical panel: available

Palais d'Iéna Paris CESE exhibition
Niépce Chalon Sur Saône Museum Exhibition
Niépce Chalon Sur Saône Exhibition Museum
Palais d’Iéna Paris CESE Exhibition


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