The exhibition "The Manhattan Darkroom" was created in 2013 by Vincent Montana with the collaboration of curators François Cheval and Audrey Hoareau. This exhibition has made known and popularized throughout the world the unprecedented work of photographer Henri Dauman.

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The photographic background "The Manhattan Darkroom" represents more than 200 unpublished photographs, in single print. It's now accessible to the acquisition for collectors or simply lovers of photography.


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Official website of the exhibition "The Manhattan Darkroom - Henri Dauman, Photographs". 
Production Vincent Montana, Curators François Cheval and Audrey Hoareau.
The Manhattan Darkroom - © COMPANY EUROPEA & ASSOCIATES - 2014 / 2024

Photographs ©  Henri Dauman - all rights reserved
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More than 200 unpublished photographs

Enter the historical universe with the unpublished photos of Henri Dauman: New York, the gangs of the Bronx, American Civil Rights, the Cold War and the accession of JFK to power, the geopolitical upheaval of the sixties but also Marilyn Monroe in love, Jane Fonda rebellious, the new wave, Pop art with Andy Warhol or the Minimal Art and more.

Come, a world exclusive, the story of an America both distant and present.

This unique exhibition was created with the photographic background of Henri Dauman who collaborated with major magazines such as LIFE, Newsweek, Paris Match or New York Times.

More than 200 photographs make up the total exhibition "The Manhattan Darkroom".

It was presented, the first time, in Iéna Palace in Paris, in the presence of the photographer, November 4, 2014 on the sidelines of the Biennale "Paris Photo".
During this world premiere, more than 18 000 people visited the exhibition.​ It was also presented in its original format at the Musée Nicéphore Nièpce (Museum of Photography) in Chalon sur Saône for 4 months in 2017.

​It was adapted under the theme of cinema in Courbevoie in September 2017.



50 years of photography

It traces 50 years of unpublished work of the photojournalist Henri Dauman.

Topics :

• Section 1: “A Cinematographic Approach”
• Section 2: “New-York” 
• Section 3: “Looking Up” 
• Section 4: “A Rebellious Youth” 
• Section 5: “Bronx VS Miami Beach” 
• Section 6: “How Long? Not Long...” 
• Section 7: “We Shall Overcome”
• Section 8: “Reds” 
• Section 9: “The Medium is the Message”
• Section 10: “The Making of a President” 
• Section 11: “The Golden Age of the Magazine” 
• Section 12: “November 22, 1963” 
• Section 13: “A Model in Crisis” 
• Section 14: “The Making of Icons” 
• Section 15: “A French Influence”
• Section 16: “The New York Times” 
• Section 17: “Less is More” 
• Section 18: “Living with Pop Art” 
• Section 19: “The American Supermarket” 

This exhibition was produced at the Palais d'Iéna and the Musée Nièpce by the Muse association. The photographic collection belongs to Company Europea Sarl under the "Montana Collection" label.